• Fitting Room •

“I love my job because it allows me to meet on a daily basis beautiful women and men.”

“Meeting new people, new humans beings is what fulfills my life.
The bring the love they feel for each and it stays here with me in the workshop.
Thus, for years, these streams of love have given a particular spirit to my shop in rue d’Orsel. That’s why for me, sharing those moments is so meaningful to me.
Thank you to those who have trusted me and will do it again.
I am very grateful to them. “

Once you push the door of the workshop, you leave the Earth to reach the clouds and caress dreams… Those of Zélia… And yours!
At Zélia, needlework blends with ancient techniques and the most modern materials, and styles mixture all literally take you away… leaving you between Earth and Heaven!
Under the skies of Zélia, and only for your eyes: dresses…
Wedding dresses, prom, gala, party outfits…
Unique pieces with a unique personality: yours!
Unique pieces for a unique event: yours!
Original dresses, all born of the overflowing imagination and divine hand of their creator.

you leave the Earth to reach the clouds and caress dreams

For your visit:
Allow between 15 minutes and two hours of fitting sessions and reflections. Plan to bring pictures of the place of the festivities. No need for pictures of other brands in order to inspire me, all I need is you, you’ll inspire me! I will focus on you, and I will ask you the right questions. We will find the answers together.

Please make an appointment by calling 06 73 88 14 36 or on zelia@zelia.net