Dresses and cars of character for women of modern times: Mercedes-Benz Gallery Champs Elysées, with Tom NOVEMBER, Pierre TERRASSON, Jean-Luc GENESTE, DJEMBA Jina, Laurence FISCHER, Norbert KRIEF. Wines Rémy Gresser and buffet SCHMID – Gare de l’Est.

The automobile world is mainly male. It was there that Zélia had the idea during a Sunday ride, to offer to feminize their great flagship store on the Champs-Elysées and transform it for an exhibition known as “Fairy Gallery.” It was an original idea and a very personal approach that she chose to tell the story of modern times princesses going to the ball in their steel carriage. Six cars were selected and six dresses created especially for the event; these were exhibited for four months in the Mercedes-Benz Gallery. A beautiful story, a lovely meeting.