On January 27 and 28, to unveil “COUTURE,” her brand new collection of paintings, Dulux Valentine chose to do so at Fashion Week.
GLAMOR, ROMANTIC, WILD and MODERN, 4 women wore bright wedding dresses … With colors such as red, blue, violet or orange, the world of fashion was invited to revisit the immaculate emblem of the catwalks.

Bringing together the fields of decoration, wedding and haute couture, the brand had concocted an operation, on the sidelines of the Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion shows, under the sign of elegance and color.

The dress created by Zélia On the Earth as in Heaven, the famous designer of wedding dresses, used the COUTURE collection new paintings colors. These colors, are now exclusively available at Castorama. They will soon be used to dress up living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms walls and thus allow everyone to express their style and creativity.

The new line DULUX VALENTINE COUTURE is for passionate designers, color stylists; but also to all those who dare to change the codes of interior decoration. With it is 4 unique and trendy collections, COUTURE made the creation of exceptional universes possible and gave life to wild dreams…